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Phone: (469) 742-8000
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LISD Contact: Dennis Muizers
Phone: (469) 742-8002





There are endless opportunities for Lovejoy ISD middle school students to
explore.  Students can investigate new areas of interest, or enhance a
current one.  
Click on the links below to see what's coming up!

> School Sponsored Competitions 
> UIL Competitions
      > Community Sponsored Competitions

> School Sponsored Events
      > Community Sponsored Events

      > School Sponsored Clubs
      > Community Sponsored Clubs

      > School Sponsored Camps
      > Community Sponsored Camps


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We strive to keep parents informed and students involved.
If you know of an
 event or camp that a Lovejoy ISD student
could benefit from, we would like to hear from you. Please click on the
"Add Academic Enrichment" link in the footer menu below
. Thank you.